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So have you been reading? Do you have a better sense of what’s going on in the Social Media world? (If not, scroll to the end for some specific posts to get you on the right path, also check out the video section of SNAP for quick tutorials on Social Media topics) Well now that […]

Alright after my excitement about “Hack the Debate” (CurrentTV’s brilliant use of Twitter alongside the debates), there might be something even better now… Twitter Vote Report (This is the actual how-to page to better understand the concept) Why do I think this is just so amazing? Because it is a tool of the people and […]

Okay, so most of the Social Media mini case studies on associations I see are about Facebook. Not to say that these findings aren’t relevant, but in my personal experience, Facebook does not create great engagement. Here’s why… 1. There are too many other things going on in the Facebook world. You are not the […]

One thing that I recently noticed has been lacking in the resources SNAP provides is where to start. I missed the first step! Yesterday I participated in an ASAE Component Relations Virtual Lunch with some of my favorite association people. How lucky was I? Super lucky because I was asked to speak as well. I […]

Originally published October 20, 2008 This weekend was the opening the play I’m directing in Baltimore, my grandparents came up for a visit and to the see the show. You may be asking yourself what does this have to do with social media? Well… while we were at lunch my grandfather asked me for a […]

Originally published October 17, 2008 So it’s not a fad. It’s really not. Social networking and social media are becoming a way of life for some people. – The debate that happened on Tuesday night had almost one MILLION views on YouTube as of about 10am this morning. Who knows what it is by now… […]

Originally published October 15, 2008 So today is Blog Action Day as I’m sure you’ve seen all over the network. I think it’s important to participate – Why you may ask? Because Blog Action Day is using Social Media to change our conversation about issues that affect all of us. It gives people an opportunity […]

Originally published October 14, 2008 To help everyone participate in Blog Action Day 2008 – Poverty I’m posting a blog on how to post a blog on SNAP. So to start: 1. Have a topic you feel passionate about writing about. The more passionate you are the easy it will be to write. 2. Sign […]

How To Tweet…


Originally published October 7, 2008 Ok, I’ll admit it. I didn’t get it either at first. I wondered what the hell was so fascinating about Twitter anyways? Why would anyone want to know something about me that only takes 140 characters to write? Can posts that small really be that engaging? Well the answer is […]

Originally published October 5, 2008 CurrentTV has just come up with what I think is the best use of a Social Media tool integrating with mainstream media for the 2008 presidential debates. Can I just say f’ing brilliant? Let me explain… Teaming up with Twitter, CurrentTV will broadcast your “tweets” (posts to Twitter) during the […]