A Little Background



I’m Lynn and I run Social Networking for Association Professionals (SNAP). It is a place where association professionals can learn about social networking and social media through a hands-on experience.

I started this blog as as way to bring more attention to the writing I do on SNAP. As part of the learning experience I post about my own experiences with social media/networking. In addition to posting blog posts on SNAP, I will also be posting them on here. With the platform that SNAP runs on, it does not allow for me to promote on blog search sites like Technorati, doesn’t allow blog RSS feeds and the like, and since I would like to expose as many association professionals to the benefits of SNAP as possible, this seemed like a logical step.

About SNAP…

SNAP is the perfect place to start listening and if you didn’t know, when you dive into social media, you should start by LISTENING. Granted on SNAP there aren’t a lot of voices at the moment, but I’m working to change that. Right now SNAP offers the association professional a lot of resources to discover more about social media, as time goes on these resources will grow and become more defined. Currently we offer videos, images, blog posts, Forums, groups, chat and a notes section (which is treated more like a resource library). In the very near future we will be having a blog series with some of the association world’s top bloggers as well as constantly expanding our resource library. Let SNAP gather the materials for you to promote social media in your own association.

Why WordPress?

Well since I am constantly trying to teach myself about different software and applications available in the social media realm and I already have a personal blog on www.blogger.com, I figured why not try out WordPress? Plus it didn’t hurt that I read a blog post on it by Dharmesh Shah of Hubspot this morning.

Well I hope you enjoy this SNAP blog and come check out all that is happening on Social Networking for Association Professionals.

Blog ya later!



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