I gave in…


Originally published July 3, 2008

That’s right. I did it. Finally I joined the growing populous of Facebook…

It’s purely for education purposes though. (yeah right.) Granted I have already taken some quizzes and added applications, found a bunch of friends from college who really don’t use their myspace profiles as much anymore, became “fans” of a couple of people, etc. But that doesn’t mean that my intention wasn’t pure while I found out which Shakespeare Play I was most like or which Greek God I am.

It’s all in the name of education, right? So let me take a little inventory… I have a myspace profile (2 actually), LinkedIn account, I run this network, I have another network that I set-up for something else, I have a profile with SNAMA and now I’ve added Facebook to the mix. When do I have time to check all of these? Well honestly, I don’t. LinkedIn doesn’t get a lot of love, myspace gets love occasionally, this network I try to maintain everyday, SNAMA isn’t fully running yet and the rest kind of fall by the way side. Though Facebook does have some nifty gadgets…

There is something I’ve realized about Social Networking, it takes a lot of time. Even writing this blog post takes time. Everything takes time, and of course it’s the one thing we have so little of. So how does one make it all work? I’m not really sure about that one. I usually try to use my lunch break during the day to check in, I’ll check in at home (though my computer is on it’s way to being completely fixed, finally!), and when I have some spare time near a computer. I give what I can when I can, though I’m not going to lie and say that I haven’t spent hours upon hours combing the profiles of myspace.

So why didn’t I join Facebook before? Well, I definitely wasn’t the first one on myspace or anything like that, but I learned it quickly and when all your friends are on it and you are constantly either messaging or commenting or looking to see when your favorite local bands are playing, it’s pretty easy to become a main part of your day. Plus don’t forget that you can customize your profile! (Don’t worry – I’m not one of those that makes my profile so it will fit into your screen without having to use the scroll bars. Ugh, I hate that!) That and I always thought Facebook was a little weird. There was is just a little TOO much to do on there. As social networking platforms advance they become more complicated with each generation. That is one reason I like this platform, Ning.com, it’s simple, has all the basic features and it’s free. You can upgrade if you want to tailor your experience, but it is simple enough that you aren’t going to be sucked in and spend hours upon hours playing on the network, well not unless you join a ton of networks. But that’s your own fault. 😉

Facebook on the other hand has a LOT to do. I could spend a whole day on it easy and not do everything I wanted to. I guess it’s a process though, just like everything else, of building my profiles and my networks to what I want them to be.So I’ll try to document my peaks and valleys when dealing with Facebook. Btw, you can thank Maddie Grant for luring me to Facebook to join the YAP’s. Thanks Maddie!



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