So Why’d I Do It? How SNAP came to be.


Originally published on July 11, 2008

Social Networking for Association Professionals came to be on a whim. It was not some great thought out plan, but an experiment of sorts. A let’s jump into this and see what comes of it. Plus I wanted to explore what Ning offered as a Social Networking software.

So why’d I do?

The main reason is education. I don’t know if a lot of people know this (I’m pretty sure they don’t, but who knows), but I do for a living the same thing my mom does. She’s in the Association world as well, doing membership. So we were having some sort of discussion about Social Networking and I was joking around about how I could be her “Social Networking Consultant” for her group.

Then it hit me… The way I learned about Social Networking was by doing it.

I never got into the whole Friendster wave, in fact when I saw my classmates in school playing on Friendster I thought it was kind of silly. Why would you post comments about people that you see in class everyday? Didn’t get it, didn’t want to. Then about a year later my friend showed me Myspace and it was all downhill from there. I liked how I could customize my profile, make it reflect who I was. I didn’t have to fit into someone’s box, I made my own. Plus I had two groups of friends in college, the ones I went to school with and the ones I partied with. There was/is very little cross over between these two groups, but most people from both groups were already on Myspace or ended up joining since I joined. Also since local music was such a big part of my life, adding the bands and having their schedule of shows at easy access without having to comb through the stranger or a million websites made my life so much easier. About once a month to every two weeks I would sit down with my calendar and see what I would be doing on the weekends.

I totally digressed…

Flash forward to what, like a month ago maybe? So I’m having this discussion with my mom, and I had done some previous research on free programs to set-up a social network. Well I decided to test one out. I made SNAP using Ning and the purpose was to teach my mom what Social Networking was all about hands-on. Then I thought to myself… Well how can someone learn about Social Networking with only two people? Two people doesn’t really make up a full social network. So I encouraged her to let others know about it so she could learn what it is and see if it would work for her.

And that’s kind of the purpose of SNAP, to learn what Social Networking is and how to use it. It’s a social network centered on Social Networking. I like the features that offers, though there are a TON of programs out there, pay and free.

So I hope everyone that reads this is learning more and that the idea of Social Networking is becoming a little more tangible.



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