Social Networking: A Cheeky How-To Guide To Maximize Your Experience


Originally published June, 20, 2008

Social Networking was a fad, is now a craze and might soon be a phenomenon. It has the power to sweep the world so that most of our communication occurs online. Hell, I answer anywhere from 10 to 50 times more emails than I receive phone calls. Electronic communication is fast, easy, efficient and most importantly to associations… cost effective.

I’ve noticed on a lot of the comments that I’ve received on my comment wall that people are new to this. They know kind of what Social Networking is, but really want to learn more about it. Since I have some experience, figured I would write a little how-to for those that aren’t really sure where to start.

How to Social Network
A Cheeky How-To Guide To Maximize Your Experience

1. You WILL end up checking your social network everyday… Accept it now and make your life easier.

There is a reason they call Myspace, Crackspace. It’s addictive and the more popular your network the more addictive it can become. You are able to cut back on the addiction by customizing your email alerts. That way you know when something is happening and you don’t have to check your network every 20 minutes to see what’s new. I do recommend checking at least once a day just to see what’s going on and see if there are things that pique your interest.

2. Play into your vain tendencies.

One of the reasons people love Social Networking so much is they have an audience for everything that is swirling around in their head. Put it down on the screen! Write about yourself and your experiences utilizing your blog, offer up opinions in the forums or start a group if you find yourself focused on just one thing. We all love to read about each other and learn more about someone through what they write and more importantly how they write. Indulge your fellow Social Networkers by telling them a little more about you.

3. Play into other people’s vain tendencies.

We all love to know that people are reading what we write. We all love hearing feedback praising our unique and thoughtful posts. Why not get a little by giving a little? Interact with the other individuals on your Social Network. Leave comments telling them how awesome they are, or that you love their profile picture. Add people as friends and see where it goes. Read and comment on people’s blogs (no, I’m not fishing with that…) to let them know you hear what they are saying and either agree or disagree.

4. Share the love.

If someone posts or comments about things you have written, it’s only polite to answer back. Share the love of Social Networking by showing love to your fellow networkers.

Follow these four steps and your experience with Social Networking will flourish!

Don’t forget though there are other options as well. Upload pictures and videos you find useful and/or humorous. Tell people about the events you are having. There is a ton of stuff to do, just remember it’ll work if you work it. 🙂



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