Excellent Use of Social Media Infusing with Politics


Originally published October 5, 2008

CurrentTV has just come up with what I think is the best use of a Social Media tool integrating with mainstream media for the 2008 presidential debates.

Can I just say f’ing brilliant? Let me explain…

Teaming up with Twitter, CurrentTV will broadcast your “tweets” (posts to Twitter) during the presidential debates live on TV as they happen, all you have to do is register and include the proper hashtag. Meaning there will be a scroll bar of what the world thinks about the debate as it is happening! Talk about having your voice heard. Talk about democracy!

This is also a perfect insertion of a Social Media tool into a major cable network. Never heard of Current? Well it’s been around. I heard about a year and a half ago when I started dating someone who had DirectTV and the expanded package, blah, blah, blah. Anyways, the thing about CurrentTV is this, it is the epitome of Social Media.

What do I mean? I mean all the content on the channel is user created AND the viewers decide what news stories are most important or interesting to them. User generated content = Social Media.

Think YouTube on TV, but in a much better quality.

Find out more about what CurrentTV is doing at Hack the Debate!

Tweet – a verb or a noun; it means to post something to Twitter (i.e. I tweeted about the debate today) or it can be defined as a post on Twitter (i.e. My tweet was about the debate today)

Hashtag – In this example the hashtag is #current, it is included in your tweets and tracked on Twitter. It is how Current can track who is posting.


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