Is Social Media really all that wonderful?


Originally published August 21, 2008

So today has been a day full of Social Media for me. I’ve blogged a bit on my B-more Theatre blog, Plurk’d a bit, listened in on a webcast on Taming the Social Media Monster, updated my status on Facebook, logged in and checked my MySpace, read a few blog posts from fellow bloggers out there; I think the only thing that I didn’t do was check in on LinkedIn. Oh, I almost forgot! Of course I came on SNAP and commented in the Forums. 🙂

That seems like a lot to me; does it seem like a lot to you?

Am I too “plugged in”? Is my whole world starting to revolve around a computer? I wonder sometimes. What if I didn’t do all this Social Networking/Social Media things, would I have more than enough time to get everything done that I need to get done? Would eliminating social networking from my life make me more productive?

I keep coming back to when Blackberrys (is that the correct plural for the device or would it be berries?) first came on the scene and lovingly were dubbed “Crackberrys”. There was talk about how people were too “plugged in” and turning off their Blackberry was “unplugging”. I got a Blackberry like a year+ ago, and sure it can be addictive, BUT I don’t put my work email on their. I refuse to because if I did I would be working non-stop and I cherish my down time. YET I social network in my down time and participate in the ASAE list-serv and this network during the day. I use these tools to learn, research and enrich the service I deliver to members. But are all these activities taking away from my actual engagement with my members?

I can tell you right now I email people more than I talk to them on the phone. I get more member emails than I do phone calls. Is this reflective of everyone’s attitude shift towards online communication as a means to be more efficient or is everyone just too “plugged in”? Is being “plugged in” taking away from the personal touch that my personal membership philosophy thrives upon?

I just don’t know. Thought I’d throw the questions out for some feedback. What do you think?


P.S. On a side note, tonight I signed up for a Twitter account as well. I want to see why everyone loves it so much (I’m on Plurk right now), and figure why not experiment? Next up might be Second Life, but that’s a too little RPG for me.


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