The Proof is in the Pudding


Originally published October 17, 2008

So it’s not a fad. It’s really not.

Social networking and social media are becoming a way of life for some people.

– The debate that happened on Tuesday night had almost one MILLION views on YouTube as of about 10am this morning. Who knows what it is by now… (This is how I’ve been personally keeping up on all the debates since I’ve been rehearsing every night)

– Wikipedia has a list of social networking sites from all over the world. They don’t have active users for every site, but the #’s they do have are astonishing.

– Facebook had 124 million unique visitors in the month of May. Myspace had almost 115 million.

How many times do you look something up on YouTube? Read AOL’s entertainment news (which by the way is taken almost completely from online blogs)? Share pictures with people? Participate on a list-serv? (listening is participating!)

People thought email would never take over, but I email more now than I talk on the phone!

Do you still think it’s a fad?

What inspired me to post about this?

Ben Martin posted about this topic this morning and he had some hard facts to back up his claim. Visit his post and bring to your Board the numbers about Social Media. Looks like he was inspired by Jeff DeCagna’s post.

Also one thing to Ben – Great Quote!



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