YAP and SNAP are Joining Forces!


Originally published August 20, 2008

Here is a little info regarding SNAP’s affiliation with YAP. I hope it will be beneficial for both groups. Let me know what you think!


YAP and SNAP are Joining Forces

Young Association Professionals (YAP) and Social Networking for Association Professionals (SNAP) are merging. Each group will maintain their current website and activities while working together to expand the offerings of both groups. SNAP’s current website will now serve as the Ning.com sandbox for YAP’s social media working group. SNAP activity will soon be reported on YAP’s new website, http://www.yapstar.org, and all SNAP members will receive a special invitation to join YAP’s growing network of association professionals from every age group.

SNAP’s Lynn Morton says: “YAP and SNAP are very complimentary. I believe the way to learn about social networking is by doing it. By joining forces with YAP, SNAP members are able to go beyond the Ning group and test the waters on every outpost that YAP has set up, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr, Twitter, FriendFeed and CollectiveX. Plus, I love my new title–YAP sandbox leader and theater maker.”

YAP’s Maddie Grant says: “When we saw the work that Lynn has been doing to create and build SNAP, we just knew we had to bring her on board. As YAP sandbox leader and theater maker, Lynn will have both the freedom to keep doing the great work she’s been doing and the support of YAP’s entire network of awesome content leaders.”

What’s YAP?
Young Association Professionals (YAP) started out as a Facebook group and has blossomed into a growing network of association professionals who are committed to supporting professional development for YAPers everywhere. Think of YAP as a springboard to super stardom in the association community. YAP is the place to test ideas, ask tough questions and network with peers using all kinds of social media, and a live event or two. All ages are welcome.

What’s SNAP?
Social Networking for Association Professionals (SNAP) is a Ning.com group formed to give association professionals hands-on experience with social networking. It’s a social network centered on Social Networking.



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