You’re never too old for Social Media!


Originally published October 20, 2008

This weekend was the opening the play I’m directing in Baltimore, my grandparents came up for a visit and to the see the show.

You may be asking yourself what does this have to do with social media?

Well… while we were at lunch my grandfather asked me for a piece of paper to write on. When he returned the piece of paper to me there was something written on it. To my surprise it was the web address for the blog he started!

What?!?! My 82 year-old grandfather blogs?

Yes, yes he does. As a former newsman, he loves to write so this may be the reason he has turned to blogging as his form of engagement with social media. At the same time he is exploring how to take technology that is new to him and find his own way. Currently he is using his blog to write a novella.

Former postings include his thoughts on politics, book reviews and some poetry.

So if my 82 year-old grandfather can enjoy blogging, why wouldn’t the membership of my associations?



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