Where to Start…


One thing that I recently noticed has been lacking in the resources SNAP provides is where to start.

I missed the first step!

Yesterday I participated in an ASAE Component Relations Virtual Lunch with some of my favorite association people. How lucky was I? Super lucky because I was asked to speak as well. I was quite honored. (Thanks Sharon!) The call went great, good questions asked and Peggy Hoffman had a great back channel going on Twitter about it. Also Kiki kicked some butt on the moderating.

One of the questions was where do I start? Maddie and Lindy gave great answers about figuring out where your members are. How do you know where to start if you don’t know where your members are? How do you know that Social Media is the right path if you don’t know whether your members are open to it?

So here’s where I think you should start…

First you need to understand all this social media stuff before you bring it to your members, right?

1. Start by reading blogs by those who know what social media is.

Here’s some of my favorite association and social media bloggers:

Maddie Grant – Diary of a Reluctant Blogger

Lindy Dreyer – Association Marketing Springboard

Cynthia D’Amour – Cynthia D’Amour on Leadership and Life

Peggy Hoffman – Idea Center

Brian Solis – PR 2.0

Beth Kanter – Beth’s Blog

Chris Brogan – Community and Social Media

I’m realizing that this can easily become a multi-part post. Start with the blogs here, email me if you find one that is super helpful to you.

Up next: Step 2.



One Response to “Where to Start…”

  1. Wow! Just ran across your “shout out” here! Thanks for the moderating kudos – I’ll buy you a drink next time we’re both in the same place/same time (maybe then we can officially meet f2f).

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