Excellent Use of Social Media Infusing with Politics: Pt. 2


Alright after my excitement about “Hack the Debate” (CurrentTV’s brilliant use of Twitter alongside the debates), there might be something even better now…

Twitter Vote Report (This is the actual how-to page to better understand the concept)

Why do I think this is just so amazing? Because it is a tool of the people and for the people. A way for people to report on what is happening at the polls as it is happening.

Imagine this… You go to the polls on Tuesday to cast your ballot and you either run into broken machines or long lines or maybe you weren’t even on the rolls. Now instead of being ignored by the media, you will actually be heard. Imagine how this makes our government and local election boards accountable for the voting process. You do have a voice now, one that people can and will listen to. What if everyone participated in this, or if election officials sent updates about certain polling places via Twitter Vote Report? Imagine the instantaneous information at your hands all because of Twitter.

The more a read about what people are doing with Twitter, the more I start to see it as an information stream and a conversation all in one. What a great application.


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