Where to Start: Step 2

So have you been reading?

Do you have a better sense of what’s going on in the Social Media world? (If not, scroll to the end for some specific posts to get you on the right path, also check out the video section of SNAP for quick tutorials on Social Media topics)

Well now that you feel comfortable and understand what a network is, or a blog, what’s next?

Now it’s play time! 🙂

Well since you’re already here, you are already playing a bit. Let’s take it one step farther. Find someone on the network who you don’t know personally and ask them a question, preferably using the comment wall feature.** This can be someone who’s name you’ve heard around, but make sure that you don’t really “know” them per say. Your question can be anything, whether it be social media related or not. Just click on the “Members” link up top once your done reading this post and get started!

(**What I’m referring to is that box on a person’s personal profile page that says “Comment Wall” in the header, it’s usually down towards the bottom. Take a look at my page or Cynthia D’Amour’s page to see what I mean)

Social media is about connecting right?

So did you make note of some of you favorite blog posts? Did you bookmark them (social or traditional)?

Next task – Find a blog post that inspires you (positively or that you disagree with). Found one yet? I can wait…

ASAE’s Acronym Blog is a great multi-author blog that might get your blood pumping.

Okay, so now that you feel all inspired, what do you have to say about what this person wrote? Do you agree with what they said? Do you think this person is completely off their rocker (please don’t take offense)?

Now without criticizing the blog post, click the comment link at the bottom of the post. (That’s where it’s usually located)

Start writing!

Your comment doesn’t have to be long, just put in your 2 cents. Do try to make it at least two sentences though as that will help you have a clear point of view. Be contructive, don’t just say “I liked your post”. Tell them what you liked (or disliked) about it. Be specific.

Once you’re done writing, add your comment to the post. Check back every couple of days to see who else has contributed to the conversation. Maybe it’s something you’d want to respond to!

Up next: Step 3!


***Steve Radick beat me to the punch before I even knew it. Check out his great post Bringing Social Media to you Organization – a Playbook.

The blog posts I promised:

How to Launch a Successful Blog in the First 90 Days by Rohit Bargava

Seven Ways to Blog Without Actually Starting a Blog by Maddie Grant

Before Your Start Blogging, Ask Yourself These 10 Questions by Hubspot – Guest Blogger

Why are RSS feeds so complicated? by Andy Sernovitz

“Real-Time Subscription Service” – An RSS Primer For You by Maddie Grant

Twitter tips for Associations by Lindy Dreyer

@bkmcae’s 10 rules for associations using Twitter by Ben Martin, CAE

How to Tweet… by Lynn Morton

How Associations Can Use Facebook by Maddie Grant

Six Steps to Resume 2.0 by Shannon Paul

Seven Sins of Social Media by Janet Fouts


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