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Originally embedded presentation can be found at: Maddie and Lindy gave a presentation in a Higher Logic webinar a couple of weeks ago. Their slideshow is above (embedded via Maddie’s blog). Though I’m not one for going through slideshow presentations (outside of them actually being presented), this one had a message that could be […]

The other day someone started a discussion regarding blogs on the ASAE list-serv. It was cross-posted and generated a bit of response on the Communications Section, but the Marketing Section really ran with it. I ended up responding and thought that my response might be helpful to those interested in starting an association blog. It’s […]

So the first step in starting to engage your association is social media right? Well here are some resources to help you: Tacking Your Brand Online by Janet Fouts – It’s important to participate in the conversation. How do you know what’s being said about you if you don’t track it? Here Janet offers up […]

In the social media realm I see a lot of people following the “if I build it, people will come” mindset. Personally, I think this is the wrong approach. Engagement is key in the social media realm and if you build something before you engage them then how are you attracting people to your social […]

After participating in ASAE’s Component Relations Virtual Lunch on “Using Online Communities to Support Struggling Components” I was really inspired by the comment Cynthia D’Amour made about not using Social Media to “fix” a problem within a component. She’s completely right. Why use a hammer when you need a saw? Let me explain… If your […]

The Division.


Awhile back I received the following question and finally have had time to finish my thoughts on it. (my paraphrasing and ended up not being the person’s actual question, but worth talking about) How do people participate in Social Media and still maintain that division between your professional life and your personal life? Wow. Great […]

So if you are like me, you have (soon to be had) a boss who doesn’t get this social media “thing” and doesn’t want to, there are ways that you can you slowly start to introduce social media initiatives on the sly. Just make sure you don’t use the buzz words of “social media” and […]

Reality Check


So I had a bit of a reality check today. I received a note to call the office manager of one of my lapsed members to discuss how we can get this member reinstated and in good standing before the upcoming convention. I called and talked to her about downloading the application online and things […]

Well I attended the SocialDevCamp East this weekend and here is what I walked away with. (These tweets are my actual stream from the camp so they are in reverse order, start at the one on the right to start from the beginning. You can click on the picture to enlarge the view.)