Convincing your boss Social Media isn’t the devil…


So if you are like me, you have (soon to be had) a boss who doesn’t get this social media “thing” and doesn’t want to, there are ways that you can you slowly start to introduce social media initiatives on the sly. Just make sure you don’t use the buzz words of “social media” and “Web 2.0”, they can increase the anxiety of an already scared boss.

1. Pay attention to things that your boss wants that can be supplied using social media tools.

For example, does your boss think creating a marketing video would be a good idea for member recruitment? Well if your boss is into the idea of video, suggest doing that and other ways you can use videos to promote the association, then start a YouTube channel. Encourage members to give testimonials, or submit their own videos relevant to the association’s goals. Maybe your president creates a video about why they joined the association? Warning: Be careful that your user generated content (UGC) doesn’t become organizational generated content (OGC). Why is this a danger? Because instead of having a conversation with them, you might be just talking at them.

2. Find people your boss’ age or people that they respect using social media.

If you find yourself in an association that using tried and true tested methods to serve your members, find out if the competition is using social media or organization your boss respects use social media. Even better if you can find an individual your boss respects who can offer some insight on how social media will benefit your association.

If your boss is a Democrat, read this about Barack Obama using social media. Also, O’Malley & Brown used social media during the DNC and continue to use it now. Anyone know of how Republicans are using social media?

3. Find where your members are online.

Do quick searches of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. to find out if your members are already online. Maybe a member has already set-up a group! Bring your boss the numbers and he might be more willing to listen to you. If there is already a group started (and has a decent amount of engagement), then maybe the member who started thr group would give your boss a call. I mean if a member is championing this, is your boss really going to ignore it?

On a side note Forrester Reasearch has some great figures that can be broken down by age and gender. It helps figure out who’s lurking and who’s engaging.

4. Find ways to sneak it in the backdoor so to speak.

Maybe your Communications Department is looking for pictures from the recent conference for a publication, well how about a Flickr account? Have you been recording educational sessions but not sure exactly how to use them? Well if you are okay with them being public, than a YouTube account is the way to go. There are a million and one ways to relate social media to things you are already doing and since a lot of these things are free it makes it easier to get such things approved.

Well that’s all I have for now. How have you exposed your workplace to social media?


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One Response to “Convincing your boss Social Media isn’t the devil…”

  1. One way I start off with skeptics is to create a report using Radian6 and come to the meeting with a list of mentions of their business (pros and cons) in social media already, and a list of contact info for the people involved in those discussions. It’s part of the reports we offer at a first meeting.

    Then I show them how they can use this information and the right social media tools to get involved in the conversations and how that helps them in their business.

    It almost always gets a positive reaction.If you don’t have tools like Radian6 at your disposal, a Google blog search or even Social Mention can at least get you started.

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