Listen, Listen, Listen!


So the first step in starting to engage your association is social media right?

Well here are some resources to help you:

Tacking Your Brand Online by Janet Fouts – It’s important to participate in the conversation. How do you know what’s being said about you if you don’t track it? Here Janet offers up a few resources to finding out what people are saying about you online.

SocialFish Food – Tips on Listening by Maddie & Lindy (I figure most of you know who they are by now) – They are fast becoming THE go-to girls on all things association social media related. They are two brilliant individuals who balance each other perfectly and they offer great advice.

What’s the Buzz? Find Out Who’s Talking About Your Organization and Issues Online with Kivi Lerouz & Lindy Dreyer – A webinar on how to listen.

Got Controvery? Why Your Brand Needs One Today by Rohit Bargava – deals with how major brands have overcome controversies by listening and responding to social media.

Social Media-Listen First by Janet Fouts – She references others who I’ve also included in this list.

The best social media monitoring program ever by Andy Sernovitz – A great way to spread the responsibility of monitoring your brand online if you don’t have someone dedicated to it. Great for small associations!

BackType Rocks. by Maddie Grant – A way to listen to blog comments, also mentions some great tools to help with ROI (or as I prefer ROE)

Got Your Ears On? How to Listen to Your Audience Using Social Media by Maddie & Lindy – a more comprehensive version of the SocialFish Food article above.

Listen Up: Research on a Shoestring by Frank Fortin – Has some really interesting ways about getting feedback about your online presence without using social media tools. He talks about connecting face to face to find out what they want.

So it looks like this might warrant a part 2. I’ll keep looking if you keep reading!



2 Responses to “Listen, Listen, Listen!”

  1. 1 Janet

    Thanks for the links Lynn and this list! Some really great information here.

  2. You’re very welcome! You offer some really great advice and I think it deserved to be pointed out. 🙂

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