Community Building Via Twitter


I was inspired today by a Tweet.

Yes, 140 or less characters inspired me about community building. So what was this awe inspiring tweet?

@bkmcae: “I followed 2 more Va Realtors on Twitter today: @johnhaid and @Derekmreynolds”

Why was this so profound?

Little Background: Ben Martin (aka bkmcae) is the VP for Marketing & Communications at the Virginia Association Realtors & an awesome association blogger. VAR is heavily into social media and Ben is at the forefront of their social media efforts.

Anyways… This is tweet is profound because it builds community.

How does it build community?
Ben follows a ton of realtors and a ton of realtors follow him. He is in the midst of his association’s online community (members and non-members). By broadcasting out these two new member’s names to the community, he lets other realtors know they are out there, then those in the community follow the newbies and the connection is built. By reaching a hand out to those newer members, he makes them feel involved in the conversation.

Basic principles of membership. It made me have a “duh, we should ALWAYS do this” moment. For association tweeters, this should definitely be a best practice. Thanks for the wake-up call Ben!



2 Responses to “Community Building Via Twitter”

  1. Nice one. I totally agree. The simplest and most obvious things are so often overlooked!

  2. I also realized that it’s something we do in our own little community of ASAE folks on Twitter anyways, so why should it be different when it’s a member?

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