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I’m not trying to be rebellious here with all my brand jacking thievery of late, but I see a trend in associations that is starting to scare me. It seems like everyone and their brother is setting up a social network. Okay, so this might see a little contradictory considering I set-up SNAP, BUT I’m […]

So the past two days I was at ASAE Tech ’09. Awesome conference. I completely rocked out with my geek out, tweeted like crazy, my head I think at one time exploded from technology overload. But then something started to develop… There was a twitter account (@Tech09) that was the “official” ASAE Technology Conference tweeter. […]

I’m at the ASAE Technology Conference right now, attending a session given by Jeff De Cagna & Ben Martin, CAE on how to leverage social technologies. It’s basically going over the results of their report that was released yesterday at Please excuse any typos since this was done live… Also any links that haven’t […]

Congress is on YouTube? Pelosi has been ‘tubing it since 2006? Why hadn’t I heard about this before today? Just one thing to say from the Social Media community… Thanks Obama! ~Lynn Blogging Style: Piggyback Blogging 3 down, 22 to go.

So awhile back Guy Kawasaki wrote a post about how to pick up followers on Twitter. I think it’s a pretty good post with some interesting takes on Twitter that make me understand Guy’s tweets more. What I have noticed lately that brands (and personal brands too) on Twitter are following the policy of “always […]

Currently one of the things I’m working on is a Conference Blog and brainstorming ideas for content and techniques for blogging. One thing that I’ve found kind of inspirational is Rohit Bhargava’s presentation called 25 Styles of Blogging. It gives a description of the different styles of blogging, how many times a week you should […]

Okay, so I forgot where I found this, I think it might have been in a SmartBrief newsletter, but I’m not sure… Read this to find out what I’m talking about. Awhile back I participated in a Hubspot webinar on Marketing in a Recession and one of their tools for inbound marketing is blogging. It […]

Twitter is my favorite social media tool, obviously. And there are ways to use it for internal communications. I currently have it set-up with some of my co-workers to help up collaborate on projects and (as long as everyone is checking Twitter) it works well for instantaneous communications. Here’s what we do… We set-up an […]

Want an iPod Nano? (Note: Contest is over) This is a post that I’ve wanted to write for awhile. Back in November Derek Johnson, CEO of Tatango received a free iPod Nano from Since he already has an iPhone, why does he need an iPod? So instead of letting it just collect dust he […]