The Death of Blogging? What?


Okay, so I forgot where I found this, I think it might have been in a SmartBrief newsletter, but I’m not sure…

Read this to find out what I’m talking about.

Awhile back I participated in a Hubspot webinar on Marketing in a Recession and one of their tools for inbound marketing is blogging. It helps spread the word.

So I don’t know who to believe…

Do they have to be in opposition or do they actually coincide? Is this is the end of personal blogging, where companies have taken over where individuals used to reign supreme? What about Personal Brands? Aren’t they the trump card in the social media space?

Individuality and being a real person (Authenticity!) is what succeeds in social media. Are blogs becoming impersonal? Are they becoming nothing more than a vehicle to push out information?

I say that i can’t become that. Even company blogging must be personal and I think Hubspot hits that nail on the head. They have a multi-author blog where each person has their own way of writing, their own voice, but they all compliment each well. It’s a duality that they have achieved that I think other companies and associations should take notice of. They are a company blog, but it’s personal as well.

How are you going to be two things at once?



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