Well Rounded Blogging…


Currently one of the things I’m working on is a Conference Blog and brainstorming ideas for content and techniques for blogging. One thing that I’ve found kind of inspirational is Rohit Bhargava’s presentation called 25 Styles of Blogging. It gives a description of the different styles of blogging, how many times a week you should use this style, what kind of buzz that style can build, the difficulty of that style and examples.

Here’s the challenge to myself…

I am going to do 25 blog posts (starting with this one) that use one style per post. I’m not going to go in the order that Mr. Bhargava presented them in, but I do want to make sure I hit all the different styles.

Why am I doing this?

1. To bring some more variety to this blog.

2. To highlight different styles used in blogging.

3. To push myself to grow as a blogger.

I hope you enjoy the little journey I’m going to take!


Blogging Style: Feature Blogging

1 down, 24 to go.


3 Responses to “Well Rounded Blogging…”

  1. Great idea, Lynn! Looking forward to seeing the posts. Not sure if you intended to, but you’ve already used the lessons from Style #25 … 😉

  2. I actually didn’t intend to, but it’s a pleasant bonus. Thanks Rohit!

  1. 1 Critiques, not criticism. « SNAP’s Blog

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