Always Be Linking… I’m over it!


So awhile back Guy Kawasaki wrote a post about how to pick up followers on Twitter. I think it’s a pretty good post with some interesting takes on Twitter that make me understand Guy’s tweets more.

What I have noticed lately that brands (and personal brands too) on Twitter are following the policy of “always be linking” and honestly, I’m a little sick of it. I don’t follow you to know when your blog updates, or when you find an interesting article, though I do appreciate the sharing of knowledge, but the constant broadcasting is way overdone. The real reason I love Twitter is the interaction between people, having public conversations, when other people start chiming it, making it a world wide chat of sorts where people can follow or not follow. I love discussing pressing association issues with my colleagues, tuning in and out of the conversation when I feel like it, chiming in or stepping out as I want.

Twitter is a conversation, broadcast messaging has it’s place, but if that’s all you are doing, how are you engaging your members? The answer is you are not. You are doing nothing more than talking at them, as opposed to talking to them.

I will say one thing though; Guy has a lot more followers than I do, BUT would he have as many if he wasn’t considered a thought leader? Would people be as interested in his links if he didn’t already have status as a thought leader?


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2 down 23 to go.


2 Responses to “Always Be Linking… I’m over it!”

  1. 1 Paul Schneider


    I thought I was the only one that felt this way. I have been hitting Twitter hard for a few months now and there seems to be an awful lot of back scratching going on. You RT me, I RT you. I am trying to limit RT’s in my own use and only do when there is something good. Focus on original thoughts and engaging followers. They are following you for a reason, I am interested in finding why and making a new connection. Thanks for the post.


  2. I appreciate that others feel this way as well so thank you for the feedback! I love Twitter because of the conversation, not because someone is trying to trick me into viewing their blog. I’ll admit it, I broadcast sometimes my own posts on Twitter, but not every single one and maybe once a week. I RT things that inspire me and the way that I engage in this space. I love that there are others out there that care more about the conversation than the “marketing opportunities” social media offers. Granted I do work in the marketing dept at my association. 🙂

    Thanks for the comment!


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