Memes up the yang. WOM: Community Building


So this is the fourth meme I’ve answered in the last 12 hours. Some of that has to do with the insane craziness that is my life lately (had a show open just last weekend) and not responding sooner. My own fault, right?

Well here goes…

I was tagged in a Meme by Maddie Grant of Socialfishing… challenging me to a share a story about WOM (word of mouth) and how it helps build communities. (Was also tagged by the ravishing Elizabeth Engel for the same meme)

So a lot of the community building I’ve done has been online. The very nature of community building online is WOM based. I can’t think of a community that I’ve joined online because I saw an ad for it, it has all been through personal recommendations. My mom who inspired me to start SNAP has been integral in spreading the WOM of SNAP. (I like acronyms, I work in associations, sue me ;P ) Any chance she gets she’ll plug SNAP as a resource to association professionals she meets because she believes in the resources and has experience learning from what SNAP offers. Her experience inspires her WOM, and yes, she is my mom, so she’s supportive. But she has enough integrity that she wouldn’t promote it if she didn’t believe in what’s collected here.

Also this makes me think about digital WOM. I see search engines as digital word of mouth. You trust the results that Google gives you right? Google gives WOM through SEO, which I guess in the end is derived from people’s interest in things, people’s participation. This is a topic I need to muse on more before I delve any deeper.

Anyways, I’m tagging:

Lisa Junker of Acronym

Cathi Eifert of SIGMA (don’t think she blogs professionally)

Colleen McMahon of Council of Residential Specialists (not sure if she has a blog)

Jeff Thomas Cobb of Hedgehog & Fox (saw him at Tech09, good preso)

Nick Senzee formerly of AAPA, and I can count FB notes as a blog. šŸ˜‰

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