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I know I’ve been writing about Twitter a lot lately and if this topic bores you, please let me know by commenting! I was talking with my mom (who also happens to work in associations) and she was saying how some people she works with tell her that Twitter is worthless. It’s a bunch of […]

There’s been a lot of talk about Twitter lately. Between Congress tweeting, Jimmy Fallon having Kevin Rose & Alex Albrecht on and talking about Twitter, to @Ev on Charlie Rose, Twitter is getting it’s 15 minutes of fame. I think there are a lot of mistakes those new to twitter make. I know I’m halfway […]

I subscribe to a few blogs that produce a LOT of content, I’m talking probably 10+ posts/day. That’s a lot to me, I can’t possibly digest it all and still remain productive. Newspapers produce a lot of content as well, but they organize them into sections, sections that appear in every paper so you can […]

This question popped into my head and I don’t know my own answer, so I thought I’d take it to the streets and find out what you all say… Add your thoughts to the comments. Blogging Style: Survey Blogging 12 down, 13 to go.

A break from our regularly scheduled programming to bring this to your attention… Today I was going through my reader and stumbled upon this blog post by David Meerman Scott about what AIIM is doing to help gain new members in this rough economic time. They are letting new members name their own price for […]

After reading the Buzz Bin’s post about the new Facebook changes that bear a striking resemblance to Twitter, I’ve decided to finally weigh in. (Because I know you all were waiting for that???) Here’s where I think the changes went ary… Facebook’s focus was on lifestreaming, meaning it was about the things you did – […]

So there are some things I’ve noticed that I’m not doing that I really should be. Here’s my list about how I (& you) can spice up your blogging: 1. Include pictures – We all need a little visual stimulation! 2. Include a relevant video clip – If you’re having problems explaining something, see if […]

So my answers to these questions are so long that I wanted to break this up into more manageable pieces. Plus I know I hate reading super long blog posts. See Part 1 here. And so it continues… 6. What is “12 seconds” and “twitscoop?” “12 Seconds” is a reference to, it’s a way […]

A colleague of mine asked me where he could find some basics of Twitter, I pointed him in a few directions, but they weren’t the answers to his specific questions. I had him write out his questions so I could answer them. Here goes… 1. How do you use an @ sign and what is […]

Okay, time to finish what I was called to the plate to do. I was tagged by both KiKi L’Italien & Maggie McGary in Peggy Hoffman’s Volunteerism Meme. I was tagged awhile ago, but need some time to percolate about how I would like to volunteer (maybe ASAE should take all these as an opportunity […]