Volunteerism Meme – Double Tagged


Okay, time to finish what I was called to the plate to do. I was tagged by both KiKi L’Italien & Maggie McGary in Peggy Hoffman’s Volunteerism Meme. I was tagged awhile ago, but need some time to percolate about how I would like to volunteer (maybe ASAE should take all these as an opportunity to engage from everyone who participates) Basically I need to name 5 short-term, ad-hoc volunteer jobs that I would be interested in doing. Here goes!

1. Tweeting sessions & generating buzz – I love doing this and for me tweeting a session lets me go back and review what I’ve learned. Also I think this is a great way to show your boss what you’re learning at a conference. It’s a volunteer job that benefits you in the office.

2. Moderating an Idea Swap – I had the opportunity recently to do this for ASAE and I really loved it. Even though the group was a little quiet, it was really nice to interact with everyone.

3. Blogging – duh! 😉 How flattered can you make a member feel? Ask them to offer their opinions on your organization’s blog and make them feel like a rockstar!

4. I have to gree with Maddie, Beta Testing – As a member it would make me feel important and that my opinion is trusted with regards to the future of my association.

5. Taking pictures at an event – If you create a Flickr group this allows members to showcase their special talents and/or personal hobby. Just make sure that you recognize them if it’s not them directly uploading to the group!

I think the trick to volunteering is finding things that flatter a member’s ego and makes them feel like their opinion and participation is valued.

Who am I tagging? Well this is hard since I think a lot of association bloggers have been tapped already, but how about:

Alli Gerkman
Beth Kanter
Mr. Anti-Meme himself Ben Martin, CAE (aka Mr. Contest, love it!)
Frank Fortin
Cynthia D’Amour

I hope these people haven’t already been tagged, but we’ll see!

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