The mistakes of a new Twitter user.


There’s been a lot of talk about Twitter lately. Between Congress tweeting, Jimmy Fallon having Kevin Rose & Alex Albrecht on and talking about Twitter, to @Ev on Charlie Rose, Twitter is getting it’s 15 minutes of fame.

I think there are a lot of mistakes those new to twitter make. I know I’m halfway through my feature on well-rounded blogging, but I need to take a break and just let the inspiration flow. So here goes:

1. They start tweeting right away – Listen first! I know it’s fun to go in and play around, but use a little self-restraint at first. You don’t just barge into a conversation that is happening IRL do you? Nope. You hang on the outside and then find your way in, same thing on Twitter. Focus on finding people to follow to learn from before you start tweeting away.

2. They don’t proactively search out people to follow – Go outside the circle of people you know. Search people’s bios using Twellow or TweepSearch to find people with similar interests or backgrounds that can fill out the list of those that you follow. Also check the sidebars of blogs you read to see if they are on Twitter as well. Be careful to not go to the other side of this coin and add like a 1,000 people in a week. If you do this it will become very hard to manage your stream.

3. They think of Twitter as a broadcast channel instead of a conversation – If you constantly broadcast about yourself or only have tweets with links in them, people will stop paying attention to you. Share things that you find valuable, but you don’t have to share EVERYTHING. Share things with a unique perspective, things that are gems. Be the filter of quality for your community.

4. Assume that they will receive 100 followers in the first week – It takes time to build a Twitter community, even if all your friends are on Twitter. Take your time, provide value and follow people. Oh, and remember to be interesting!

Hope this helps you in your Twitter adventures! (Assuming that you are a new Twitter user)

Btw, I did a little slideshow for work entitled Twitter 101. In case you’re interested, see below.


Slideboom slideshow: Twitter 101


2 Responses to “The mistakes of a new Twitter user.”

  1. Hi Lynn
    ewengel sent me to this blog. Thanks for yr views. I suspect there are a lot more annoying Twitter habits! No doubt we all commit them occasionally.

    It’s interesting to be crafting one’s Twitter presence and identity. What am I? Linker, reporter, friend, chatter, curmudgeon, etc.

    Was that reference to your slideshow meant to be a link -it doesn’t go anywhere?

  2. I’m sure I commit them sometimes too! I thought that these were important though because they can lead to having a less pleasant Twitter experience. I’m very much a Twitter addict of sorts and because of that I want to make the experience for someone new to Twitter the best it can be.

    I don’t think it’s about crafting an identity as much as allowing yourself to be who you are. That’s the wall that I was happy to break down when I entered the social media realm, and it’s been paying off ever since.

    I noticed that. Working on fixing it. WordPress can be funky if it’s hosted by them, here’s the link to the slideshow:

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