A bot does not a Twitter account make…


So I was really excited the other day when I found out that the Washington Nationals had a Twitter account.

I’m a HUGE baseball fan and I was sitting at the game on Sunday when I tweeted about how I figured out what my dream job would be… Working as the Washington Nationals Community Manager! Though I will say the association I work for does pretty much kick butt.

So @WAS_Nationals retweeted my tweet. I was so excited that they had a Twitter account! That means now I can keep up on my favorite team from my phone using a tool that I am obviously pretty much obsessed with.

I checked out the @WAS_Nationals Twitter stream and noticed something strange. All of their tweets were Retweets.

Then I tweeted something else about the Washington Nationals, that got retweeted too. So I then tweeted that I thought @WAS_Nationals was a bot and it retweeted that!

WTH? Way to crush my dreams Nationals. So instead of connecting with someone that is as passionate about social media and the Nats as I am, I’m stuck with a bot. Boooooooooooo!

Now I will commend them for surrendering to the conversation. That’s pretty cool that they are willing to RT what everyone says about them (though haven’t tested if they will RT negative comments or not), so kudos to them for that. It’s kind of Skittles-esque, but what’s the point if there is no one to interact with from the Nationals organization? PArt of the awesomeness of connecting with a brand online, is connecting with someone who works there that loves their job!

Dear Nationals, please give me someone that I can connect and talk baseball with, rather than just a push channel. Thanks!

Oh an if you sign up for Flickr, I got an AMAZING picture of Ryan Zimmerman hitting the 2 run homer on Opening Day. Just saying.


P.S. I swear to all my readers that my next post will NOT be about Twitter. Promise, as I know it’s been the main topic of conversation as of late. Though should you want to talk more about Twitter, let me know or tweet with me! (@MissLynn13)


One Response to “A bot does not a Twitter account make…”

  1. 1 Maggie

    This is the craziest thing I’ve ever heard of–thanks for posting about it. It is indeed very Skittles-esque, except at least Skittles just ran a feed of everyone elses’ tweets instead of re-tweeting them all as their sole content! Or am I wrong?

    Anyway, totally uncool and I think they should definitely hire you to be their tweeter. I think companies who know Twitter is important but don’t really get how or why should find their best advocate and have that person be their designated tweeter. I’m waiting for Regal Theaters to discover me and how much I love them and offer me a lifetime of free movie tickets to be their tweeter!

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