Why I Blog Meme


So I was tagged by Elizabeth Engel last month in the “Why I Blog” Meme. Basically I need to explain why I blog…

Well I write two blogs on my own and then I contribute on another blog, so I’ll break this down by blog.

SNAP (aka this blog you are reading now) – Blogging for SNAP came out of the need to create fresh and dynamic content, while providing insight on new trends or topic on the network I run (Social Networking for Association Professionals on the Ning platform). The reason it became a WordPress blog is because the Ning network doesn’t give the fresh and dynamic content any SEO within the network, so I export my content to this blog as well so that way I can bring attention to the network and hopefully help more people.

B-More Theatre – Well if you look at the header, it’s pretty self explanatory. I am trying to find my artistic voice in a new city and that blog is a process of documenting that discovery. I aslo find it a place where I can really dig into my own artistic process, comment on shows that I’ve seen and really bring my own theatre knowledge to the table.

BTA Blog – I contribute to the BTA blog because I helped start it. I work for a non-profit for my day job, but volunteering for my local theatre association lets me get “down ‘n dirty” with my skills and keep me cutting edge and constantly working on something I love. I also feel that b/c the perspective I’m developing on my own craft by blogging on B-More Theatre, that I can bring something to the Baltimore Theatre Community as a whole.

So, I’m tagging and eclectic mix of blogger buddies:

Ben Martin
Maggie McGary
Cole Matson
Joshua Conkel
Margaret Cho (okay, like I know she won’t answer, but it’s fun to try)


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