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Fiesty Lynn here. My last post was a little negative, scared this one will be too, but when I read this post from ThePort Social Media Solutions blog it struck me how self-serving the blog post ended up being. I think the idea base is good, but i’d like to strip out some things. I’ll […]

So about two weeks ago Mr. Terrence Barkan posted this onto the ASAE list-serv (on many different lists) and onto SNAMA (a free org for social media related association stuffs). I personally take offense to his title and his characterization of individuals who may be younger than him. Like my title says, I’m 26, tattooed […]

Though this doesn’t really relate to associations using social media, it does show how important social media can be and allowing the crowd to contribute to create the whole picture. Not sure if the embedding will work (thanks wordpress hosted blog), but if not, check it out here.

The Long Road.


So this past week I’ve been in San Diego for our Annual Conference and I’m completely exhausted. I wanted to share with everyone the different ways that we used to connect with our constituents and I would love your feedback on all we’ve done. The PAnel – A conference blog manned by 11 PAs/PA Students […]