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So most .org’s that use Twitter have a general account that is usually something like @[YourOrgHere]. At AAPA we don’t do that, we have two AAPA branded accounts – @AAPALynn & @AAPABrooke and a smattering of other staff under their own usernames. I’m realizing this is completely different than any other .org I’ve seen on […]

So I had a rough day today, haven’t been feeling well. I’m in the middle of working on a show that I’m directing, feeling uninspired, plus being sick enough to go home early from work & scraping my car against a fence while trying to not to hit a car that shouldn’t be parked in […]

ABR stands for “Always Be Relevant” I’m thinking about this because lately I’ve been receiving tweets from random Tweeps (not people I follow) based on keywords totally taken out of context, or that the subject matter of one thing is completely irrelevant to what I’m actually talking about. Here is an example of what I […]

This post is a collaboration between Mashable’s Summer of Social Good charitable fundraiser and Max Gladwell‘s “10 Ways” series. The post is being simultaneously published across more than 100 blogs. Social media is about connecting people and providing the tools necessary to have a conversation. That global conversation is an extremely powerful platform for spreading […]

Andy Sernovitz’s Keynote from Buzz2009: WOM starts with happiness. Give people something to talk about & the reason to talk. Make it easier for that conversation to take place. Jones soda understands giving something to talk about, their Thanksgiving 6-pack. Do amazing things. Sometimes the tiny things are more important than the big picture. The […]

Dare to suck.


Experiments & failure are good for business. You always learn more from your mistakes than you do from your successes, yet I feel a lot of times that our culture doesn’t allow for failure any more. Imagine how much farther we would be along if we were allowed & encouraged to fail, instead of stressing […]

The longer I do social media for a living, the more I look for ways to automate my process. Here are a few things I’ve found that you can do to make things a little easier on you. 1. Harness your RSS feeds There are RSS feeds everywhere! Find ways to integrate them into all […]

So Facebook changed to the Public profiles awhile ago & I think everyone is adjusting nicely. It seems to me that public profiles are the *it* spot for an association (at least for the group that I work with). We try to submit content to get an interaction every day and help keep us in […]