Buzz2009 – Keynote Notes


Andy Sernovitz’s Keynote from Buzz2009:

WOM starts with happiness.

Give people something to talk about & the reason to talk. Make it easier for that conversation to take place.

Jones soda understands giving something to talk about, their Thanksgiving 6-pack.

Do amazing things. Sometimes the tiny things are more important than the big picture. The simple things can spark the biggest conversations.

Don’t underestimate the power of email! How do you make your ideas portable? One-click works.

It shouldn’t be about the budget, the marketing should be about how can we get people to talk about us for free because they think we are awesome?

Why aren’t bloggers writing a blog post about you every single month? How can you inspire members to talk about the awesome stuff that you do?

Your brand isn’t what you say it is, your brand is what other people say it is.

It only works for good organizations, with good people who make their members happy. It’s an opportunity for the “good guys to win”.

Motivation 1: You – Everything is about you being remarkable, but it’s not enough.
People don’t talk about what you talk about! Did you know, did you see?

Motivation 2: Me – People talk because it makes them feel good (smart, pride, fun)
Don’t under estimate the power of small blogs & newsletters. Make people feel exclusive & they will talk.

Motivation 3: Us – We desperately want to belong.
Check out the Maker’s Mark Ambassador program. They give people fun things to talk about, free giveaways which inspire people to talk. They make it easy to talk by giving people the tools to talk about them.

The 5 T’s of WOM:
Talkers – Who is talking? Not necessarily customers.
Ferrari talkers are not owners, it’s the 14 year old boy who spazzes out about them.
The Wynn Hotel let Vegas cabbies be their talkers b/c that’s who people come in contact with first.

Topic – Topics can be the experience, not necessarily the content. The giveaways. WOM topics need to be portable, repeatable & emotional.
Carnegie Deli makes 7″ tall cornbeef sandwiches b/c it gives people something to talk.
The iMac was about colors, not about the OS.
“Would anybody tell a friend about this?” Can we blow their minds & get them excited?

Tools – How do we help the message spread?
1. Asking people to tell a friend. We don’t ever ask. (My question: Is how we ask important? Member-Get-A-Member campaigns usually suck.)
2. Everything goes in an email. There is nothing more viral than email.
3. Solve the matchbook problem. WOM gold – giving people something to hand off to others. Nobody walks out the door without something to share. They should be able to share EVERYTHING on your website. Next time they come in contact with you, how are they going to share it with their friends.
4. Multiplier effect.
Potbelly rents mailing lists of people who have moved from Chicago to a new city, they get 10 free coupons to share with friends. Potbelly: “I bet you miss us.”

Taking Part – Join the conversation. The way to get started: “Thank you.” or “I’m sorry.” comments.
Finding the problems & fixing it is one of the most powerful ways to fix your relationship with members.

Tracking – Measure & Listen.

So basically… Go out there & make people happy. 🙂

“Happy customers are your best ads.”


P.S. Hope Andy is cool with me posting such detailed notes, if not & he lets me know, I’ll take them down. He’s an amazing presentor & definitely an amazing keynote.


5 Responses to “Buzz2009 – Keynote Notes”

  1. Amazing stuff. Great tips and content. Thanks for posting. This makes me want to be there in person!

  2. really appreciate these notes because now I can introduce my team not only to Andy in name, but Andy-the experience! Listening to him speak, and reading his comments is a wonderfully rich experience for marketers. Thanks,

  3. Thanks to you both! I’m glad you enjoyed my notes. 🙂

    Andy truly amazed me. I mean I always knew he was awesome, but in person he’s even better!

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