THIS is why I do what I do.


So I had a rough day today, haven’t been feeling well. I’m in the middle of working on a show that I’m directing, feeling uninspired, plus being sick enough to go home early from work & scraping my car against a fence while trying to not to hit a car that shouldn’t be parked in my parking pad… all in all a crappy day.

So I’m playing online (yeah it’s pushing 2am, oh well), prepping for the webinar I’m giving tomorrow on Facebook, as well as doing some other stuff on my association’s Facebook page & on tweetstream when I get a Facebook IM from a PA student I know. I’m not going to say his name b/c I didn’t tell him I was writing about this & that would be rude. Anyways, he says he’s nervous about starting clinical rotations, asking advice, needing someone to talk to.

I’m honored that he came to me & reached out. We had a brief chat, I assured him that he just needs to trust himself & what he’s learned. The fact that he cares so much to get that nervous & overwhelmed shows me that he cares enough about what he’s doing to be a fantastic PA. During the course of the conversation it seems that he thinks I’m also a PA, which of course I corrected because it’s not true, though I offered to get him in touch with the PAs on staff so that he can ask questions about what to expect, etc.

Anyways, the reason this means so much to me is because it means I’m making a difference & building relationships with & between the PAs I work so hard for. It’s anecdotal validation for myself that what I’m doing means something. After all, that is what I want more than anything – for the work I do to mean something and I feel like it does.



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