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I never thought it could happen, but one should never say never – you’ll always be proven wrong. It was the SocialFish that proved me wrong this time. I should explain by saying I never thought I would see an example of sponsored tweets working, yet at Buzz 2009 I saw just that. Blew me […]

It’s been a little bit since I’ve done a link oriented post, so here’s what I’ve been reading lately: Google is brilliant. Seriously. Their WOM advertising techniques & styling are so simple, yet so perfect for the setting. Can we all be as brilliant as Google? Thought this was a really interesting way to put […]

This is something I’ve been brewing on for awhile, then recently I saw a program on The Chapter Leaders Playground that I think speaks to this quite nicely. My friend/mentor/colleague Cynthia D’Amour had a world class Sommelier Eddie Osterland there to teach Chapter Leaders how to entertain. I know from personal experience that knowing this […]

Sometimes I feel like this should be an association twitter blog, but then I realize I do write about more than just Twitter. Anyways… Ghost Tweeting – To hire and have someone tweet on another person’s behalf. This may done by politicians, actors and other celebrities. Today I decided that ghost tweeting really irks the […]