Stop taking the social out of social networking and media!


This is something I’ve been brewing on for awhile, then recently I saw a program on The Chapter Leaders Playground that I think speaks to this quite nicely.

My friend/mentor/colleague Cynthia D’Amour had a world class Sommelier Eddie Osterland there to teach Chapter Leaders how to entertain. I know from personal experience that knowing this skill is extremely relevant when interacting with members. You want them to have a good time & enjoy their experience, while making important business connections, right? My mom says that at her association, million dollar deals are done over a snifter of Brandy (I’m paraphrasing). There is something about entertaining & business that just works.

My members are more than just their profession as well. PAs focus a lot on family most of the time (in fact it’s a main reason some individuals become a PA over a physician), they cook, they are into athletics/healthy living, etc. They are more than just work.

With my professional contacts, one of the best parts of getting to see them at meetings is the social activities in the evening. Unfortunately I usually have to dash to the theatre (I have such crappy timing for work & personal events colliding), but on the rare occasion when I do get to go out & have fun, I learn more about the people I connect with. We strengthen & deepen our relationships, making a more meaningful & productive exchange.

Like the first time I met Lindy Dreyer in person… I had an extra ticket to a Nationals game (thanks mom!) and so I invited Lindy to join me. We had conversed online many many times and I had just met Maddie, Lindy’s business partner, IRL not too long before that. Seemed like a perfect opportunity to do something fun with someone I wanted to actually meet. This was a social engagement mainly, though we talked a lot about business & I got to meet her hubs as well. This social setting really provided us with a deeper connection.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is that social media/networking does have SOCIAL components. As association professionals who work for trade or professionals .orgs, we need to remember that our members aren’t necessarily defined by what they do for a living any more. Value extends beyond the professional reach & includes social components.

My question to you: In what ways can you make your social media strategy more social?



7 Responses to “Stop taking the social out of social networking and media!”

  1. Awesome post. The “building relationships” part of social media that is so important is as much social, personal as it is business-related.

  2. Great post Lynn – and thanks for the props.

    Social media has amazing potential to help build relationships. We’ve just begun to scratch the surface.

  3. Thanks Maddie & Cynthia!

    Building relationships I think are the reason association SHOULD be doing social media. It’s hard for me to think of a business relationship that I have that is only business, it’s natural for people to want to connect on a social level. If we as associations realize this, then we will be more effective at building relationships with our members & potential members.

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