Some link love & an awesomesauce white paper on the way!


It’s been a little bit since I’ve done a link oriented post, so here’s what I’ve been reading lately:

  • Google is brilliant. Seriously. Their WOM advertising techniques & styling are so simple, yet so perfect for the setting. Can we all be as brilliant as Google?
  • Thought this was a really interesting way to put down on paper what social media activities you should be doing every day. I think as .orgs we may not have the opportunity to do all of these since our audiences are smaller, but I recommend starting with this checklist & adapting as needed. That’s what I plan on doing, both for every day usage & for usage around events or other happenings.
  • I know sometimes I feel overwhelmed, between managing my own personal social media presence, my .org’s & then also the volunteer social media work I do for the local theatre alliance & the theater I am a company member out. Mashable kind of reminds us to check in & step back.
  • I got this one from Maggie McGary. This is a company that does grassroots work & support, much like the company we use CapWiz. The one thing Grassroots has that I haven’t seen before is a Facebook app that allows you to install directly to the Public Profile where people can write letters to their legislators without leaving Facebook. Tres cool!
  • I’ve heard about this white paper for a little bit & can’t wait for it to be finished. The SocialFish are comparing 6 major white-label social networking platforms for associations. Make sure you join me in being some of the first to receive it!

Hope that gives you some good things for your delicious account!



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