When sponsored tweets actually work…


I never thought it could happen, but one should never say never – you’ll always be proven wrong.

It was the SocialFish that proved me wrong this time.

I should explain by saying I never thought I would see an example of sponsored tweets working, yet at Buzz 2009 I saw just that. Blew me away.

Here’s my analysis of the situation, why it worked & why it could not possibly work for you:

– When Lindy & Maddie did the intro to the event they let us know that we would be seeing tweets from them that featured specific sponsors.

– These sponsors actually provided the funding for scholarships to the event & some of my close association buddies, which made me automatically feel warm fuzzies for the sponsors. The tweets from the event organizers (with the hashtag included) were part of the reward for supporting the scholarship.

– Each “sponsored tweet” had a link to a product, service or webinar that was related to the sponsoring company (meaning they were trying to provide value or a resource to the audience of the tweet)

– The audience was association professionals, we are used to having to get everything sponsored b/c that is where a lot of an association’s revenue comes from.

Way to go girls!

Also, I recently had a conversation with @davidspinks about this (started with tweet I noticed from @CubanaLAF), which he had also written a relevant post about sponsored tweeting. Check out the comments, lots of good convo.



3 Responses to “When sponsored tweets actually work…”

  1. Thanks for the shout out.

    It will be interesting to see how different sponsors and tweeters utilize sponsored tweets. Just thought of a situation where a sponsored tweeter could be paid for posting a tweet and donate all the earnings to a relevant fund. Is it still wrong in that situation?


  2. Thanks for the comment (even with my very tardy response)!

    I’m thinking about playing with this at next year’s conference, but I have to get the meetings department behind me on it.

    You bring up an interesting point about donation, and I think a “relevant fund” in the example above is that of the scholarship fund for attendees. So my guess might be yes.

  3. I never liked the idea of making money from tweets, but Sponsored tweet is one of few programs which I actually liked…
    Probably control over ad tweets is something which I always wanted..and since its been recommended by some big players..I don’t mind trying it out…

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