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1. Virtual Conferencing will never fully take off Why? Because they are a little too much like role-playing games. Remember when the Sims where really popular? It didn’t last too long because the novelty of avatar-based interaction only really engage a small percentage over the long term. 2. Associations will start piling on the apps […]

Or at least some one does enough to nominate me for a Baltimore Sun “Mobbie” (Maryland’s Outstanding Blogs). So I’m excited about it. This is the first time (I think) that this blog is being recognized by something other than another association blog. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate all the link-love, but it’s also […]

Another meme has popped up on the associations blogs. This time it’s a Gen X meme, started by Maddie Grant and I was tagged by Matt Baehr. Well I’m not a Gen Xer, though I am spitting distance away from being one. Most of my friends are Gen X, so I figure I’ll play along […]

Five levels of approval? For any social media person this can seem a little scary. I wonder how many of my colleagues out there have to jump through similar hoops? Trust is something that anyone doing social media must have from the higher ups to really do their job effectively. This trust allows you to […]

So I think the next big trend (that is already starting) is that iPhone apps from associations are on the way. I already know there are quite a few, including ASAE, and even my association is working up something to compliment our annual conference. My question is do I want my association on my phone? […]

Last month on the ASAE Membership listserv, the brilliant Cynthia D’Amour was answering a post about how to help build the participation on an internal member community. These are questions that I think are valuable for anyone with a member community to ask. I also think they are questions Associations should be asking themselves about […]

Am I behind on the times? When did Facebook change their search options? If you hadn’t noticed you can now search individual’s status updates. Interesting for non-profits, but is it too invasive? I did a quick search on Physician Assistant and found a ton of recruiters (not who I’m looking to connect with) and then […]