Do I want my association on my phone?


So I think the next big trend (that is already starting) is that iPhone apps from associations are on the way. I already know there are quite a few, including ASAE, and even my association is working up something to compliment our annual conference.

My question is do I want my association on my phone?

I think apps that are event based will be helpful, but really only have a shelf-life of while I’m at the event (and yes, I think that is okay).

Would I go to an ASAE app for the latest in association news? Honestly, probably not. I don’t necessarily see them as my news source about what is happening in the association world. I see them more as a resource center, so if I had apps that compliment my view of them then I would probably be more likely to use such an app.

What it really boils down to (like everything else you do) is knowing your audience and, most importantly, HOW they want to engage with you.



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