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Maybe it’s the fact that two of my favorite things are compared, but this is probably my favorite “pro social media video” I’ve seen so far. I first saw it a couple of months ago & then randomly stumbled upon it again. Enjoy! Advertisements

Disclosure: I’m not a lawyer, I have no background in law. I respect those that do, but my statements below are based purely on my own use of common sense & trust in individuals. If you take issue with my statements, I invite you to comment & add to the discussion. Call me naive, but […]

So I know I’ve been very critical of ASAE in the past, whether it be Tech ’09 brand jacking scandal (exaggeration!) or the Power of A campaign. But I guess someone has to be. This time I’m taking slight issue with their Social Media Workshop that was held on November 5 & 6. Please note: […]

I just finished up presenting at the SIGMA Annual Conference. Got a lot of great feedback from the audience and am very pleased that they were able to join me. Just to cover all my bases & make sure that attendees can find the information I compiled I’ve included 2 important links & my contact […]

Think about what it means. At AAPA we don’t do .org accounts on Twitter. There is no or whatever, individual employees have accounts & that is it. Some may think I’m crazy, but take a look at the pictures to the left… Now compare the followers… @GuyKawasaki – 188,517 followers @alltop – 8,851 I’m […]

Usually when something starts that way, it usually means that it will offend & this might, but I have something I have to get off my chest. The more visibility I receive via speaking gigs, articles, etc. the more consultants and vendors I have calling me up, just asking for a “minute of my time” […]

I just received my Smart Brief on Social Media in my inbox. I always enjoy the Wednesday’s poll, but this week is a little disturbing to me. They asked “Should users of social networks maintain separate personas, one for business and another for their personal life?” My answer: No. Why? Because if you’re trying to […]

Okay, so I think we’ve involved enough in social media within the association world to say that there are some things we shouldn’t be doing. A lot of these are from the perspective that my organization uses social media as an engagement tool and NOT a broadcast channel. Our focus is on the value of […]

Lindy Dreyer recently posted about social media teams.I was originally going to comment and then realized I had more to say than a comment would really do justice to. She’s written an interesting post and I think it speaks to how social media should be run in an organization. It shouldn’t just be one person, […]