Keeping it separate.


I just received my Smart Brief on Social Media in my inbox. I always enjoy the Wednesday’s poll, but this week is a little disturbing to me.

They asked “Should users of social networks maintain separate personas, one for business and another for their personal life?”

My answer: No.

Why? Because if you’re trying to keep your work & personal personas separate online, you’re doing nothing but trying to kid yourself. Privacy really doesn’t exist anymore and if that scares you, I’m sorry, but we are in an era of transparency where your actions will be seen. If you have something to hide, then maybe you shouldn’t be doing it? Just a thought.

What disturbed me is that as of 1:30pm 50% (YES 50%!) said “Yes, absolutely. Keep business and personal separate.”

I hate to break it to this 50%, but you will be found. I could definitely be called a hypocrite considering I have both a personal & profession Facebook profile as well as a separate Twitter account for work. Call me a hypocrite, it’s okay, because I wrestle with this too.

I wish I didn’t have two. The Facebook profile was a COMPLETE mistake, though it does keep me from accidentally dropping an F-Bomb in a place where my HR department could see it. My Twitter account on the other hand I see as two brands of myself. I share personal information on both, but what I would call my “personal brand account” (@MissLynn13) has way different content than my “work brand account” (@AAPALynn). I don’t hide that I’m both personas, but they are separate because they are speaking to two different audiences. Think of it like segmenting your email marketing. It’s not personal vs. professional, it’s that I know PAs aren’t really going to care about the latest in association news. I’d love to only have one, it would make my day job that much easier, but the separation is a good thing.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that it’s okay to have two accounts, but the personal & the professional should be in both. Don’t leave one out, because if you do, you’re cutting out a large portion of yourself.


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  1. Thank you for sharing this!!

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