No offense is meant.


Usually when something starts that way, it usually means that it will offend & this might, but I have something I have to get off my chest.

The more visibility I receive via speaking gigs, articles, etc. the more consultants and vendors I have calling me up, just asking for a “minute of my time” to discuss social media. Nine times out of ten they are trying to pump me for my “secret social media sauce” because they don’t know about the tools. They talk about all this potential of social media and how they’re incorporating it into their businesses, but for the most part I can tell they’re just trying to get information from me.

This makes me angry b/c there is only one real secret to social media… Participation.

My advice to those vendors & consultants that are trying to ride the new wave in associations is to participate. Through participation in social media, you’ll actually learn what your customers want.

Us association folk have to do the same thing to reach our members, it’s only fair that they do the same.


P.S. I am making broad generalizations about the consultants & vendors I have randomly calling me up. There are MANY consultants & vendors that understand these tools & participate in the community of association people. But, for those association folk that are new to social media, please remember that just because a consultant says they do social media, doesn’t mean they actually participate. You’re best bet for a genuine referral (should you want to bring in a consultant) is to read the different association blogs, see who is mentioned, see who is linked to, ask the association people that do participate.


2 Responses to “No offense is meant.”

  1. Amen! Loved this post as it hits very close to home now!

  2. KiKi – I have to be honest, I was scared to write it because I have so many colleagues who I cherish that are consultants (you, Cynthia, SocialFish, Maggie, etc.). I love consultants, but what I don’t love is consultants that try to glean knowledge from me to help further their business. I am not paid to teach them about social media, though I’m sure something could be arranged. 😉

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