Social Media is the new punk rock.


Maybe it’s the fact that two of my favorite things are compared, but this is probably my favorite “pro social media video” I’ve seen so far. I first saw it a couple of months ago & then randomly stumbled upon it again. Enjoy!


4 Responses to “Social Media is the new punk rock.”

  1. Thanks for posting this, Lynn! Like you, I first saw this a few months ago but it’s such a great one. I love the “will the corporates get social media?” question because it’s definitely something they can’t ignore, but I’m still not sure many people fully understand its power.

  2. 2 maggielmcg

    Awesome–love this! Wonder how many of us doing social media used to be “anti-establishment” in some way or another back in the day? Yes, believe it or not, I was not always a soccer mom 😉

  3. 3 Chris Suspect

    Web 2.0 is dead, SNAP is a sellout’s blog, and all you other commenters are poseurs 😛

  4. Shannon – Everything in stages & life cycles. I think right now social media is in that stage where we’re looking back at what we’ve done, why it worked & what’s the strategy behind recreating it. Once that strategy is in place I think the corporates will get it, though I think a lot are jumping on the band wagon right now. The question is why are they jumping?

    Maggie – I can only imagine! 😉

    Chris – Always leave it to you to ground us in reality. ;P

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