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So my dear colleague Maggie posted on Social Media Today yesterday concerning how social media jobs are perceived as careers for the young 20 somethings who grew up on the internet. I get Maggie’s point completely and in some respect I agree with her. It really shouldn’t be about age at all, but more about […]

Lately I’ve been working on establishing branding guidelines (actually more like suggestions) for AAPA employees who are using social media for work purposes. It got me thinking… These guidelines can’t be mandatory because so much of the individual is tied into these accounts. If I ever chose to leave the association I would surrender my […]

As the title states, I have a new obsession… Foursquare. To the end user it’s a mobile application that allows them to “check-in” at a location and discover new places around town, with helpful suggestions from other users. It works on the iPhone & Android, supposedly you can play by text (haven’t tried it) and […]

Somewhat recently (I’m trying to catch-up on my blogging) posted this article about why Cisco thinks vlogging is better than blogging. I can see Cisco’s point. Video is definitely more impactful, it allows you to connect with an individual face-to-face, there is an authenticity to it. There are definitely multiple benefits to vlogging. There […]

So everyone once in awhile I write a really good post that I’m proud of. Well this time I did it, but it wasn’t even for this blog. It was for The PAnel, a conference based blog that I run for the association I work for. This great post was about teaching readers how to […]

Sometimes the timing of a project affects what you do more than you’ll realize. I’ve learned that lesson recently with one of my social media projects at work. My timing was by no means perfect. Last year at conference we launched The PAnel. It’s a blog that is almost completely written by Physician Assistants (I […]