Tweeting the Conference, a how-to.


So everyone once in awhile I write a really good post that I’m proud of.

Well this time I did it, but it wasn’t even for this blog. It was for The PAnel, a conference based blog that I run for the association I work for.

This great post was about teaching readers how to tweet the conference. If you’re interested in checking it out, go here.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the post. Anything I’m missing? Please comment below!


2 Responses to “Tweeting the Conference, a how-to.”

  1. This is great! I think a huge part of helping members use Twitter as a way of engaging with colleages and their association is explaining it with this level of detail. We who are familiar with it take this stuff for granted, but for newbies or people not understanding what the point of a backchannel, without something like this it’s pretty unlikely they’ll even bother to check Twitter out because they can’t imagine it would actually be useful.

  2. Thank for the comment Maggie! 🙂

    I realize that the longer I do this for a living, the more I need to remind myself that new waves of newbies are coming every day. The challenge then becomes speaking to those unfamiliar with the tools, while still engaging those who have already fully embraced them.

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