My new obsession… Foursquare.


As the title states, I have a new obsession… Foursquare. To the end user it’s a mobile application that allows them to “check-in” at a location and discover new places around town, with helpful suggestions from other users. It works on the iPhone & Android, supposedly you can play by text (haven’t tried it) and they have a Blackberry app coming.

Why is it fun? Well…

1. I can earn points & badges. These small little incentives help keep a person coming back. Think about why you so desperately tried to earn those meaningless star stickers in elementary school, or maybe that was just me?

2. It integrates with Twitter (and supposedly Facebook, but I have yet to make that work properly), meaning all my Twitter buddies know where I am as well. So I open myself up to more opportunities to connect.

3. I can become the Mayor of a place I visit a lot & potentially earn free stuff. Who doesn’t like being rewarded for their loyal patronage? Not all places I check-in at will give the Mayor of the location free stuff, but the ones that do are encouraging their customer base to come back time & time again.

4. I can meet new people using Foursqaure. Let’s say I check-in at a location & then someone else checks-in at that same location within a short time frame, then it will alert them to my presence there and we can meet each other. Now this feature is really only for the most outgoing of individuals.

5. It allows me to meet up with friends and colleagues. Not sure what you Foursquare friends are doing? Well just take a look and maybe you might find yourself meeting up with them.

6. Discover new places. Based on my GPS location, Foursquare will tell me what’s around me and other users may have added things to do or not to do, which will enrich my experience at that location.

Now I haven’t quite figured out exactly how to use it for an association, though there is one idea heavily percolating. It’s still fun in the mean time & just think, if you encourage attendees to use it, they might just run into some new colleagues and make long lasting connections.

Here is also a post by Peter Kim and his vision of what Foursqaure could mean in a business context. He explains it from a business point of view much better than I can at this point.

Btw, if you want to add me as a friend, please do! I’m Lynn M. in Baltimore. You can also have it sync with your Twitter users, so follow @MissLynn13 and I should show up in Foursquare for you.

P.S. New Rule: No hating on Foursquare unless you live in city limits!

Recently there have been a few people who aren’t finding the fun in participating and voicing that on Twitter. I will admit, if you don’t live in one of the Foursquare cities, it probably won’t be as fun or interesting. And if you do live in a city (or very close by), but that city hasn’t hit critical mass yet, you are going to have to add places. It’s part of being an earlier adopter, such is life. 😉


3 Responses to “My new obsession… Foursquare.”

  1. i have become an addict myself. i don’t know why but every time i arrive somewhere I am waiting to see if someone else has checked in that location before and such. a fun activity definitely.

  2. Just wait, I just started my “Geolocation Smackdown” where I’m pitting Foursquare, Gowalla & Loopt against each other. We’ll see what happens… 😉

  1. 1 Geolocation and other shiny things… — SocialFish

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