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I opened a  SmartBrief on Social Media awhile back and they had posted this to their blog. What got me thinking wasn’t so much the post, but the teaser they put in the email. It stated “Your turn: Should employers restrict social-media access?”. My obvious answer is no they shouldn’t, but my reasoning as to […]

I recently did an interview with Maddie Grant of SocialFish. Figured I’d send my readers there, though I have a feeling most of my readers are hers as well. 😉 Anyways, here’s the link to the article.

So I’m sure by now most have heard of the MASS amount of money the Red Cross has raised for the relief efforts in Haiti. If you haven’t… Please text “HAITI” to 90999 to donate $10 to the Red Cross’ relief efforts. They have proved that fundraising can work in social media, but they’ve also […]

So recently quite a few posts have come up about foursquare, and they got me thinking about being a responsible member of a social network. I love foursquare, I’ve said so. My problem is I’ve been thinking of ways that my association can use Foursquare at our conference and ways in which it will really […]

I’ve been up all night, insomnia again. So instead of tossing & turning all night, I decided to try & be productive by finishing my presentation for the AMP Lunch ‘n Learn session I’m doing on Thursday. I’d love to get some feedback about the presentation if you have the time.

… but I’m back now. I know there are a few associations out there that are closed between Christmas and New Years, unfortunately mine is not one of them, so I decided instead to use up my vacation time and take some much needed days off. I was Burned out (capital B intentional) and digitally […]