Why your boss should allow Facebook at work…


I opened a  SmartBrief on Social Media awhile back and they had posted this to their blog. What got me thinking wasn’t so much the post, but the teaser they put in the email. It stated “Your turn: Should employers restrict social-media access?”.

My obvious answer is no they shouldn’t, but my reasoning as to why might surprise you.

Social Media allows companies to keep up on what their employees are doing. Staying in touch and engaged with your employees might make them uncomfortable at first, but will in the long run create stronger bonds between the employer & employee.

Let’s be honest for a second here… No one spends their ENTIRE day, meaning every second of every day, that they are paid for doing stuff for work. Sometimes it may be answering a personal email or taking a personal call, using the bathroom, taking a coffee break, etc. Some things that could be deemed personal on the surface, might also be professionally related – in my case, reading a blog post or two about what is happening with my industry.

But here’s the advantage to allowing social media into the office space… Now your productivity as an organization is on the surface. There are always the employees that are the more social butterflys and honestly that’s harder to determine whether or not it’s a problem offline than on. HR departments and management need to realize that if they embrace these social tools and don’t scare employees into hiding what they do online (or in person), whether it be personal or professional, then we will all have a more transparent workplace. By having a more transparent workplace, you open up the door to discussion. Instead of people being in fear, your employees will have an open dialog with management.

Who doesn’t want that?

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