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I consider myself pretty tech savvy and have many colleagues that I associate who I think are more tech savvy than I. When I saw this Mashable post about how to block Farmville, I thought that was a little basic of a topic for them to be covering. That’s why I was shocked by the […]

So by now I’m sure you’ve heard of Google Buzz. It’s like a malformation of Facebook & Twitter, very similar to FriendFeed. Some of the bigger names in social media are lauding how wonderful it is. Sorry, I heard the same things about Google Sidewiki, Friend Connect & Wave… Maybe it’s because I never unlocked […]

So there are a lot of posts in my drafts folder just waiting for a moment of attention to finally be finished. This is one of those many posts. Twitter lists launched awhile ago. I’ve set them up on my work Twitter account, have gone through all the people I follow and tried to classify […]

I’m an admitted foursquare addict. And foursquare has been popping up in the news everywhere. Here’s my Foursqaure round-up (biting the SocialFish style) from the past few weeks: In no particular order. This May be Blashphemy, but… Geolocation and other shiny things… Foursquare Goes Mainstream, Teams With Bravo TV Local Face-Off: Yelp vs. Foursquare vs. […]