Twitter lists, thinking from a member’s perspective.


So there are a lot of posts in my drafts folder just waiting for a moment of attention to finally be finished. This is one of those many posts.

Twitter lists launched awhile ago. I’ve set them up on my work Twitter account, have gone through all the people I follow and tried to classify them (thank god I don’t follow like a thousand people). Then I realized something…

The purpose of my work Twitter account is to be of service to PAs, whether that be in a customer service capacity, sending out pertinent or timely information, connecting PAs with each other or the organization, etc.

Well if that is the purpose of my Twitter account, then that should definitely be the purpose behind my Twitter lists. Here’s a breakdown of some of the Twitter lists I’ve created, how they’re useful to the PA community and why they’re useful to me.

AAPA 2010 Election – A newer list that follows the tweets of candidates in the 2010 Election

  • For the Community: Helps PAs connect directly with the candidates in a direct way.
  • For AAPA: Helps us keep an birds-eye view on what candidates are saying with regards to the election.

The PAnel
– Current Members of AAPA’s Conference Blog The PAnel

  • For the Community: Allows the blog to be more than just words on a screen and shows the person how to connect with the bloggers.
  • For AAPA: Will allow us to track what promotion of the blog that the members do for us and gives us insight to their experiences.

Discounts for Members
– AAPA Partners that offer discounts for current members, not all may be actively doing so

  • For the Community: Discounts & shows the value of membership.
  • For AAPA: Promoting our affinity programs.

PA Volunteer Leadership
– Volunteers of state constituent organizations & national

  • For the Community: Allows for transparency with the organizations and to connect with their leaders.
  • For AAPA: Helps us keep tabs on what is happening in state organizations. Can also be a source for great RT info.

AAPA10 Interests
– Twitter accounts that may be of interest to #aapa10 attendees. Food, Attractions, etc.

  • For the Community: Find out what the best places are in Atlanta or what specials restaurants may be having from the Atlanta community.
  • For AAPA: Allows potential attendees to engage in what is happening in the city, hopefully encouraging attendance

AAPA Constituent Orgs
– Tweets from Constituent Organizations

  • For the Community: Will allow PAs to connect with their constituent organizations or find out what is happening in other states.
  • For AAPA: Helps us keep tabs on what our COs are doing and is a great source of info for RTing purposes.

PA-C/PA Students
– Find out what the PAs on Twitter are talking about! Content of tweets is up to the writer, not AAPA

  • For the Community: An easy to access list of all the known PA & PA Students on Twitter so that PAs can connect with their colleagues directly.
  • For AAPA: Allows us to listen to the community.

One last point, Twitter lists also help define what people think about you. Curious how your followers view your contributions to the Twitter-verse? Look at how you’ve been listed. That should help give you a clear picture of how individuals are viewing what you share. It’s also a great place to start thinking about how you want to be listed and then providing content to fit that criteria.

I think a lot of these lists encompass many of the suggestions from Maddie Grant. Hope you have fun setting up your lists! (I mean if you haven’t already, though this post has been so delayed, you probably already have)


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