Buzz is just noise at this point.


So by now I’m sure you’ve heard of Google Buzz. It’s like a malformation of Facebook & Twitter, very similar to FriendFeed. Some of the bigger names in social media are lauding how wonderful it is. Sorry, I heard the same things about Google Sidewiki, Friend Connect & Wave…

Maybe it’s because I never unlocked the mysteries of FriendFeed, but Google Buzz seems more like noise to me. There is a LOT of echo from other networks so far. But then I think about all the complaints of how Twitter is just noise and on Twitter it really is about who you follow. Maybe I’ll be “eating a plate of crow” in the future?

My biggest problem… The people I follow on Buzz are also on Twitter, hence all the echo. Most of my slowly growing network are also on Twitter, which could explain that. My point is that, for me, if I want to connect with someone instantaneously, I’ve usually already found them on Twitter. Sure utilizing the Gmail user-base seems smart, but there are a lot of Gmail users that wouldn’t know Buzz from a bee. Email is integrated into every facet of life, social media is not, though that could change in the future.

I also personally hate the email integration. I get enough irrelevant emails that I don’t need more. There is an alert about Buzz in Gmail, that is plenty for me!

Plus, email to me if very different than social media. I want to interact with them differently and I want more distance between the two.

Right now, I’m already struggling with a firehose of content coming every which way at me. Google Buzz just increases the water pressure. I’m looking for a way to tone it down. Now if there were some sort of segmentation or follow lists that I could post content to (fully admit I’m not a Buzz sensai at this point, so this may exist), that might be more useful, but still doesn’t help with the connected sites.

My 2 cents. Anyways, have you tried Buzz yet? Any features you love? Any making you pull your hair out?


2 Responses to “Buzz is just noise at this point.”

  1. I totally agree. I tried Buzz for about 3 hours and then started reading the stuff about the privacy concerns and just turned it off. I already have 2 blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and a bunch of different social networks I need to keep up with–I seriously doubt anyone out there is looking for yet another channel on which they can hear what I’m doing.

    What I wish Google would do is put Wave where they put Buzz-e.g. integrated with email. I would love to have Wave appear in the right nav of Gmail–then I might actually use it.

  2. Maggie – I totally agree, your observations are right on.

    I want a hybrid of Wave & Buzz. Something more email like to compliment my email if it’s going to be attached to Gmail.

    Also one thing I’ve learned very quickly… Do not follow Mashable. They produce so much content & have so many people commenting it’s like a firehose drowning you. I quickly unfollowed.

    One feature I do love is the Reader integration, meaning when I share something in Google Reader it posts to Buzz. Now I wish there was a Wave like conversation about that, where posts could lead to other content sharing, etc. They’ve got two products that are okay by themselves, but combining the two may be more interesting?

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