#ideas10 Takeaways


So this is a post that I’ve been working on during my time at #Ideas10. There was some great stuff and some not so great stuff. All in all I’m happy to have been a part of the experience, but there is definitely some room for improvement. Below is a list of observations both about the conference in general and myself.

  1. I love the spirit of Great Ideas – As an artist, pushing the boundaries and thinking about things in a new light is important to my work as an artist and as human being. Kudos to ASAE for trying to creating an environment where new thinking and the exploding of old ideas can take place.
  2. Though the spirit is there, the content is not – I’ll admit, the only thing innovative about my presentation was the format. It was different, but the content itself wasn’t about pushing the envelope of thought, it was about getting you thinking on the right path in the first place. This seemed to be a common theme in the social media sessions, this is probably because I’m an early adopter and I live/breathe this stuff, so maybe I do need to go back to trying to find professional development outside the association industry to balance it out. The only session that really opened my eyes was Maddie Grant & Jamie Notter‘s session about “Truth & Authenticity in the Digital Age”. My comment does not include the two awesome keynotes, those got me thinking outside my box.
  3. The more you let go of control, the less liable you can be – So I’m paraphrasing Jeffrey Tenenbaum’s session, but my biggest takeaway that surprised me was he told us that the more you try to control and edit content that members submit, the more liable you are for it. I think he was specifically talking in a list-serve type of situation, but if you register as a copyright agent and have a take down policy you can be considered a passive operator and have less liability for what is said on your social media sites. (Disclaimer: Obviously, I’m not a lawyer, so don’t take my word as gold, double check with your own lawyers before you go making any crazy decisions.) BONUS: Employers can potentially be liable is they use social media to research a candidate.
  4. Fear – There is still a lot of fear about social media. It’s better than it used to be, but it definitely still lingers. Especially with the fear about lack of control. Ugh.
  5. People need to learn the power of Emergen-C – It seems like a lot of people have been sick, including myself (though I’m on the tail end). My favorite trick when I’m getting sick to make it more manageable and keep myself going is taking Emergen-C 2-3/day. It’ll help keep that immune system going strong in yucky times.
  6. My tweeting style has changed – I remember back at #tech09 when I was tweet crazy. I was walking away with tons of mini ideas. This time around I’m finding that the session either isn’t worth tweeting or I need to be more reflective about what I’ve been learning(hence all the blogging).
  7. Networking is always the most important part of a conference – When I went to Tech ’09 the networking and getting to see everyone was awesome, but it was still in DC, so I still had my personal obligations (dogs to take care of, having to be awake enough to drive home, etc.). This time I was away from the obligations and really had time to foster deeper relationships with my colleagues. It was awesome.
  8. I love foursquare – Seriously. Love it. I’m probably borderline obsessed with it even. It was great using it while in Colorado because I figured out how we will use it at Conference. Sometimes the solution is the simplest.

That’s what I’m taking away for now. I have a feeling though the things I’ve learned will be shaping my future in unforeseen ways.


3 Responses to “#ideas10 Takeaways”

  1. Agree with most everything you said, though I tend to use tweeting as a form of notetaking I can refer to later. (And the whole #ideas10 stream was fascinating.)

    The three best sessions I attended (outside of the amazing keynotes) were:
    1. Game-based learning for association recruiting and education (Jon Aleckson). I actually came away with an idea we hope to implement in the next three months.
    2. Truth and Authenticity in the Digital Age (Jamie Notter and Maddie Grant). It was thought provoking and their use of Prezi was amazing! I’m going to try to do a prezi presentation in a few weeks. Hope it goes half as well as theirs did!
    3. Web 2.0 legal issues (Jeff Tennenbaum). I don’t think I really learned anything new but it was reassuring to know we’re doing what we should be doing.

    What I’d love to see at the next conference is a really good look at ebooks. What formats associations are using, how they’re dealing with DRM, what vendors people are using, and what costs are involved.

    I also missed having any vendor exhibits this year. I wonder why they did away with it? I especially missed it because I so look forward to checking out new vendors at the tech conference and with that cancelled, I lost the opportunity.

  2. Hi Scott:
    Thank you for the compliment. It is always nice to get feedback. I would be most interested in hearing more details of your idea (if it is safe to share). Jon

  3. We plan on creating an app for use on multiple platforms (iPhone, BB, maybe Android). The app will be a game whereby users can locate the nearest “award-winning steel bridge” (some of the bridges date back to 1921). They receive points for taking pics and sending them in. The points are based on the remoteness of the bridge (there are a lot of them in Chicago and they might be worth 1 pt each; there might be only one in northern Alaska and it’s worth more points). When they reach a certain number of bridges, they “power up” so each additional bridge will be worth even more points. We’ll offer recognition (the app will let you see your “standing” as well as small prizes). We’re still defining the parameters of the game and haven’t selected a vendor yet. Any thoughts on either of those two areas?

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